What is wecommend?

WeCommend is a new way to find providers of all things ‘learning’

We’re all about helping you to find the right partners more efficiently - saving you time, energy and probably some money. You may be looking for a trainer, facilitator, coach, e-learning or anything else to do with our profession. If so, you can search and discover people to meet, based on successful work they’ve done elsewhere, as shared by your colleagues in other companies.

We all share and we all benefit together

We, as the Learning community, have always been very open to sharing and we saw an opportunity to make the private conversations we’ve all been having a bit more public.

All content here is crowdsourced - which means only recommendations made by fellow members exist in the site. You tap into the very ‘now’ phenomenon of The Share Economy, where we’re better together and more efficient and effective than if we operate independently. It also feels good to help others: your trusted providers, your colleagues, your wider network and the Learning community.

Profit from amplified word-of-mouth recommendations

A commendation is part-way between a testimonial and a case study which lets your great work speak for itself. You can collect and publish multiple commendations from all your best clients. Your expertise and trusted provider status is clear for in-house folks to see when they come here to search for new providers - increasing the potential for new business.

“WeCommend is an idea that is innovative, brilliant and simple - in a market sorely in need of it. Enabling suppliers and providers to understand the best combinations to excel, it replaces a fog with the certainty of concrete track records. With a great team behind it this will be the place to come and be for excellence.”

 David D'Souza, Consultant, Author, collaborative technology advocate

Warm leads instead of cold calls

This is a much better investment of your time than cold calling or prospecting by email because in-house folks are here and searching when they’re ready to consider new options. Potential clients will find you to establish new relationships, helping you to build up your business. There’s also no reason to feel awkward about asking for testimonials here because we’ve made this really easy.

We’re your trusted companion

You’ll find trusted providers from your new extended network here and we make it our business to make sure only legitimate members make it in. As well as this, the site is set up so that only in-house L&D and HR members can see each others profiles to understand the context of the commendations that have been shared. As a provider, you’ll have full visibility of your commendations and can add further useful information to them. You’ll also see highlights of the ‘activity’ in the site, for example who’s joining and who’s making commendations. So you see this isn’t a directory of providers. Trusted providers can only gain membership with a commendation and not by any other means.

Be inspired

Browse for inspiration by seeing what your colleagues in other companies are sharing. See which providers are trusted in similar contexts to yours. And gain further insights from both commended providers and in-house members, that we make it our business to share with you.

"WeCommend is just what we need - after all most of us go by recommendations anyway so here's a website that does just that - helps us recommend great suppliers, so we can find great suppliers when we are looking for something new or unique. I'm really pleased this service is now available to meet today's business needs."

 Louisa Fryer, Learning & Development Manager, Cath Kidston

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